Balanced Literacy

At Bethune, we focus on Balanced Literacy which is a multi-faceted approach to teaching students how to be independent readers and writers. By combining several strategies, teachers provide students with a comprehensive literacy experience. The components of balanced literacy include shared reading, guided reading, reader’s workshop, writer’s workshop, focus poetry, read aloud, and word wall activities.

Shared Reading: The students and the teacher co-read a text. This provides the teacher the opportunity to model reading and comprehension skills.

Guided Reading: The teacher and a small group of students work together on reading one text. This gives students and teachers the opportunity to work one-on-one to meet each student’s literacy levels.

Reader’s Workshop: Students take the reading skills learned and use them independently with texts they select.

Writer’s Workshop: Students go through the writing process including conferencing with the teacher and peers.

Focus Poetry: Similar to shared reading, focus poetry provides students and teachers the opportunity to collaboratively read a piece of poetry.

Read Aloud: The teacher reads a story to the class. This is an opportunity for the teacher to model reading and comprehension strategies.

Word Wall: Classrooms contain a word wall with essential words for students to know. Activities for the word wall include spelling activities, alphabetizing activities, writing activities, and reading activities.