Congratulations and thank you to our 2017 Retirees!

Retiring staff and their colleagues at the Retirement Tea

Upon her retirement this year, Peggy Sosh took some time to reflect on the 44 years she’s spent working for Phoenix Elementary School District #1. She joined the district in 1973 and has been an incredible asset in the various roles she’s served to support students! We’re so glad she was able to share her thoughts and stories with us.

Peggy, like many other important members of the district staff, is retiring. She is the longest serving member of our staff to date. Thank you, Peggy, and thanks to all those who are retiring.

May 2017- Peggy Sosh talks about how all Phoenix Elementary School District #1 employees work together to ensure students are safe, happy and healthy.

Those retiring this school year include:
Lydia Alamo, Shaw – 21 years
Veronica Carrillo, Emerson – 29 years
Maria Cervantes, Faith North – 11 years
Mildred Franks, Kenilworth – 11 years
Carol Martinez, Shaw – 33 years
Amy McKenna, Edison – 24 years
Rebecca Nuanez, Whittier – 34 years
Valentino Orosco, Plant Services – 28 years
Maria C. Ortiz, Dunbar – 29 years
Ana Palomino, Garfield – 2 years
Estela Plascencia, Edison – 19 years
Elizabeth Romero, Whittier – 37 years
Peggy Sosh, Plant Services – 44 years
Sean Spotleson, Plant Services – 25 years
Mary Jo Todd, Student Services, 7 years
Karl Truscott, Plant Services – 26 years
Susan Cummins, Lowell – 10 years
Suzanne Maddock, Garfield – 6 years
Debra Stanger, Emerson – 12 years

Congratulations everyone, you will be missed. Thank you for your service. Enjoy your next step – we are sure adventure and happy memories await!