Educational Equity

Educational Equity is a key component of the 2025 Strategic Plan.


Phoenix #1’s definition of Educational Equity.

Educational equity in Phoenix #1 exists when student academic and behavioral outcomes are not predictable or persistent based on student identity and when policies, programs, procedures and practices are in place to ensure this goal.

Student identity includes but is not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, national origin, language, socio-economic status and cognitive and physical abilities.


Phoenix #1’s commitment statement to Educational Equity.

Phoenix #1 is a student-centered community. We share responsibility and are accountable for the equitable education of all children. Our community is committed to achieving educational equity by pursuing academic excellence and supporting the whole child.

To do this, we will use multiple sources of data, including student voice, in order to equitably allocate resources to meet the greatest needs, personalize learning and evaluate programs.


For a detailed presentation regarding our focus on Educational Equity, please view:

Phoenix #1 Educational Equity 071919_Part1

Phoenix #1 Educational Equity 071919_Part2

Phoenix #1 Equity Framework

Phoenix #1 Equity Report

Phoenix #1 Equity Plan

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