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Nominate Someone Who Shines at Phoenix #1

Has someone in Phoenix #1 gone above and beyond to show you great customer service? Tell us about them and what they did, right here?

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Share History About Our Schools, Students & Staff

Phoenix #1 is older than the city of Phoenix and older than the state of Arizona. That’s right – we are approach 150 years in 2021. Share historical information and artifacts with us.

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Do You Want to Help Us do Our Job Better?

If you have ideas that we will help us do our job better or concerns, please share them with us here.

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Send Us Your Heroes

Did you know the founder of public education in Arizona is Estevan Ochoa? He introduced the bill that established the Arizona’s first public schools in 1871. Who are your public education heroes? Please share them with us here.

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Are you disappointed in us?

Our goal is to provide the best public education to all our deserving students in Phoenix #1. If we ever disappoint you, please write to use here and let us know.