Dr. Ruth Ann Marston

Dr. Ruth Ann Marston

Governing Board Vice President

Dr. Ruth Ann Marston has lived in and been involved with Phoenix Elementary School District #1 for at least forty years, beginning as a volunteer. She was employed by the District as a teacher and administrator for twenty-eight years prior to her retirement in 2002. She served as President of the District Governing Board from 2003 – 2015.

Actively involved in her community, Dr. Marston’s current service includes; chairing the AZ Historical Society Museum Exhibits and Education Committee and the Phoenix Historic Neighborhoods Coalition and serving on the Best Education Practices Conference Committee, the Encanto Village Planning Committee, the Downtown Voices Coalition, Inc., Steering Committee and the Salvation Army Citadel Advisory Council, among others.

Dr. Marston also previously worked part-time for the Arizona Department of Education, coaching school principals in other districts.

She is a graduate of both the University of Arizona (B.A.) and Arizona State University (M.A, Ph.D., and College of Education Hall of Fame)

Dr. Marston’s philosophy is to provide both students and staff members with such a successful and rewarding experience in the district that they choose to both work and retire within the district, as she has done. Having made a long-term commitment to serving the students of Phoenix, Dr. Marston takes great pride in Phoenix Elementary School District #1 and the significant gains made over the past few years.