Regarding the Solar Eclipse that Offers Learning Opportunities: Safety is Our First Priority

Photo of a solar eclipse

Because student and staff safety is always our top priority, we are approaching the solar eclipse with precaution and want to share the following safety information and learning opportunities with students, families and staff.  NASA offers excellent safety tips and learning activities, as well as a live stream link.  They can be accessed at the following links:

We also embrace and respectfully honor those cultures with specific beliefs regarding the solar eclipse.  Should you have specific needs for your child regarding the solar eclipse, please talk with your child’s teacher or the school office staff.  Thank you.


Governing Board Resolution: Declaration of Principles

WHEREAS, Phoenix Elementary School District #1 recognizes the education of our children is a shared responsibility among our community members;

WHEREAS, Phoenix Elementary School District #1 believes the key to a successful education includes a safe, welcoming environment for all students, their families and members of our Phoenix Elementary School District community;

WHEREAS, Phoenix Elementary School District #1 prides itself as a community that treats one another with respect and dignity;

WHEREAS, Phoenix Elementary School District #1 promotes cultural awareness, curiosity and kind-heartedness;

WHEREAS, Factors such as race, ethnicity and socio-economic status must not be allowed to predict student achievement;

WHEREAS, A diverse community with a robust immigrant population is an integral part of Phoenix Elementary School District #1;

BE IT RESOLVED, on the 8th day of December 2016, Phoenix Elementary School District #1 commits to fostering an inclusive school environment that promotes dignity, respect and curiosity for all cultures;

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, Phoenix Elementary School District #1 commits to school policies and an educational curriculum reflecting the values expressed in this resolution;

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, Phoenix Elementary School District #1 condemns bullying, discrimination, hateful and divisive speech and violent action.

Signed by:


Resolución del Consejo Directivo: Declaración de Principios

PUESTO QUE, el Distrito Escolar Primario #1 de Phoenix reconoce que la educación de nuestros niños es una responsabilidad compartida entre los miembros de nuestra comunidad;

PUESTO QUE, el Distrito Escolar Primario #1 de Phoenix cree que la clave para una educación exitosa incluye un ambiente seguro y acogedor para todos los estudiantes, sus familias y miembros de nuestra comunidad del Distrito Escolar Primario;

PUESTO QUE, el Distrito Escolar Primario #1 de Phoenix se enorgullece de ser una comunidad que trata a otros con respeto y dignidad;

PUESTO QUE, el Distrito Escolar Primario #1 de Phoenix fomenta la conciencia cultural, la curiosidad y la sensibilidad;

PUESTO QUE, factores tales como raza, etnicidad y estatus socio-económico no deben predecir los logros de los estudiantes;

PUESTO QUE, una comunidad diversa con una población inmigrante vigorosa es parte integral del Distrito Escolar Primario #1 de Phoenix;
SE RESUELVE QUE, en el día 8 de diciembre de 2016, el Distrito Escolar Primario #1 de Phoenix se compromete a fomentar un ambiente escolar inclusivo que promueve la dignidad, el respeto y la curiosidad hacia todas las culturas;

SE RESUELVE QUE, el Distrito Escolar Primario #1 de Phoenix se compromete a normas escolares y a un currículo educativo que refleja los valores expresados en esta resolución;

FINALMENTE SE RESUELVE QUE, el Distrito Escolar Primario #1 de Phoenix condena la intimidación, la discriminación y el discurso de odio y división y las acciones violentas.

Firmado por:

Phoenix #1 Proclaims August Attendance Awareness Month

We know that when students are in school every day learning that achievement soars. Therefore, we are focused on insuring every student is in school and learning every day. Chronic absenteeism does not support student achievement, and we know that all students can and will learn when they are in school – NO EXCEPTIONS!

View: Full Proclamation – English & Spanish

View: Every School Day Counts in a Child’s Life – English & Spanish

The Signature – Summer 2017

The Signature is Phoenix #1’s newsletter, intended for all students, parents and our community.

Please click the link below to view the Summer 2017 edition.

The Community – Summer 2017

Noticias, Eventos y Recursos para Estudiantes, Padres y Nuestra Comunidad del Verano de 2017

District Governing Board Approves November 2017 Override Election

Emerson Court at Phoenix Elementary #1

Request for Arguments for Override Election

Phoenix Elementary School District #1 Governing Board voted on May 25, 2017 to hold a special 15% maintenance and operation budget override election on Tuesday November 7, 2017. Arguments “for” or “against” must be received by August 11, 2017 before 5:00 PM at the Maricopa County School Superintendent Office. For more information, click here.

A Colorado River Adventure for Bethune Students

Bethune students on the colorado river

Fifty students from Bethune School went on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling to the Colorado River!

These students had the opportunity to float on a raft down a calm portion of the Colorado River. Additionally, they studied geology and traveled the paths that begin the Grand Canyon. They also had an opportunity to visit the Wupatki and Sunset Crater National Monuments.

For four years, Bethune 6th grade math and science teacher Mrs. Stanchik has worked with Arizona Project WET (APV) in conjunction with the University of Arizona to instruct students on water stewardship through STEM literacy. Over the years, Bethune’s students have visited Rio Salado River on several occasions, conducted hands-on investigations, and presented in regional competitions based on water conservation.


All of these activities focused on how Arizona receives its water from the Colorado River and its importance to the biodiversity of the area. In order to build upon that the science foundation, Bethune teachers planned a trip so the students could actually see what they have studied and learned about.

These students had the opportunity to step outside of the walls of the 85007 zip code and see what the rest of this state has to offer. This experience will greatly add to their cultural knowledge as Arizonians. Thanks to everyone who helped make this once-in-a-lifetime trip a reality for our students!


Congratulations and thank you to our 2017 Retirees!

Retiring staff and their colleagues at the Retirement Tea

Upon her retirement this year, Peggy Sosh took some time to reflect on the 44 years she’s spent working for Phoenix Elementary School District #1. She joined the district in 1973 and has been an incredible asset in the various roles she’s served to support students! We’re so glad she was able to share her thoughts and stories with us.

Peggy, like many other important members of the district staff, is retiring. She is the longest serving member of our staff to date. Thank you, Peggy, and thanks to all those who are retiring.

May 2017- Peggy Sosh talks about how all Phoenix Elementary School District #1 employees work together to ensure students are safe, happy and healthy.

Those retiring this school year include:
Lydia Alamo, Shaw – 21 years
Veronica Carrillo, Emerson – 29 years
Maria Cervantes, Faith North – 11 years
Mildred Franks, Kenilworth – 11 years
Carol Martinez, Shaw – 33 years
Amy McKenna, Edison – 24 years
Rebecca Nuanez, Whittier – 34 years
Valentino Orosco, Plant Services – 28 years
Maria C. Ortiz, Dunbar – 29 years
Ana Palomino, Garfield – 2 years
Estela Plascencia, Edison – 19 years
Elizabeth Romero, Whittier – 37 years
Peggy Sosh, Plant Services – 44 years
Sean Spotleson, Plant Services – 25 years
Mary Jo Todd, Student Services, 7 years
Karl Truscott, Plant Services – 26 years
Susan Cummins, Lowell – 10 years
Suzanne Maddock, Garfield – 6 years
Debra Stanger, Emerson – 12 years

Congratulations everyone, you will be missed. Thank you for your service. Enjoy your next step – we are sure adventure and happy memories await!

District’s Top Priority is Safety on Campuses

Emerson Court at Phoenix Elementary #1

Because the safety, security and well-being of you, our Phoenix #1 community, is our highest priority as we strive to fulfill our mission as educators of the public, please know that all district personnel received the communication at this link on Friday March 2, 2017.

Phoenix #1 Letter to Community – English & Spanish

Governing Board Approves ASBA Resolution by Acclamation

Photo of the front of Emerson Court

At the April 13, 2017 Governing Board Meeting, Phoenix Elementary School District #1 Governing Board approved by acclamation a resolution from the Arizona School Boards Association opposing the expansion of Education Savings Accounts (SB1431).  Please see the full resolution at the link below:

Governing Board Resolution Opposing Expansion of Education Savings Accounts (SB1431)

Lowell Lego Robotics Club Needs Your Tax Credit Donations

lowell robotics club

Lowell School’s Lego Robotics Club gives students the opportunity to build and code behavior in Lego Robots. Twice a week, students work directly with the robots to learn how to write code that makes the robots perform various tasks. This is all in preparation for various competitions, including the state competition. During this competition, students are given a task that the robot must complete. They do this by correctly writing code that instructs the robot to complete the task. They then must complete a written and oral portion describing how they built their robot and how they coded it. In order for Lowell students to continue competing in local and statewide events, they need your tax credit donations for transportation, competition materials, equipment, and much more! Help Lowell compete in years to come!


The goal of this club is to expose students to science and coding while showing them the importance of teamwork and written and oral skills.

Value to Students

Teachers use a “hands off” approach with this club so students are able to develop critical thinking skills. Fostering a higher level of thinking allows students to confidently handle the stress that comes with competing.

How to Donate
Please consider making a tax credit donation today! You can donate at Lowell’s front office or online at
1. On the right-hand side of the page click “donate online”
2. Click the “tax credit donation” box
3. Select the school you would like to donate to (Note: select the school with current tax year)
4. Under Program select which program you would like to donate to. (Note: if you would like to donate to a specific club, select “other” and write the club name in the text box)
5. Write in the amount you want to donate
6. Repeat steps 3-5 if you would like to donate to multiple clubs or schools
7. Click “Continue” and follow directions to enter personal information

Don’t understand AZ Tax Credits? Not a problem. We have a quick little video at the link that explains the opportunity.