Family Engagement

We believe that family engagement is critical to student success. We encourage parents and guardians to become involved in their child’s learning and visit the classroom or serve as a volunteer.

Family engagement events are offered at Emerson to ensure families feel welcome, as well as understand, and actively participate in school-wide programs. Open communication ensures collaboration in helping children succeed in all aspects of their elementary and middle school experience.

We encourage parents and guardians to attend all parent-teacher conferences to celebrate their child’s successes and participate in collaborative goal setting by identifying specific next steps at school and at home. Teachers welcome opportunities to communicate with families regarding their child’s progress throughout the school year, by email, telephone, text message or meeting in person by appointment.

Three simple action steps you can take now and every day:

  • Attendance matters, every day: let your child know regular, on-time attendance to school is a priority. Instruction begins at the start of the school day. Your child’s education depends on their attendance.
  • Read with your child, daily: set a time for a daily routine to read to your child, listen to them read, or read independently for at least twenty minutes. Reading is the skill that crosses all content areas.
  • Establish a homework routine: designate a quiet space and ten to thirty minutes after a quick snack when your child arrives home each day child to complete homework assignments, with your assistance as needed. Turn off the television to minimize distractsion.

Come grow with us!

Parent’s Right to Know / “Derecho a Saber” de los Padres de Familia
Emerson Integrated Action Plan (SY 2018-2019)
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