Holistic Student Support

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Emerson School, grounded in equitable practices, we accept, respect, and celebrate diversity within our community. Our support for students and families is strategic and intentional in recognizing the value of cultural diversity. Communication with families is key to providing collaborative and consistent support for our children; the right support for that child at that point in time. Our goal is to maximize time on task in every classroom and for every student. This happens when all the non-academic needs of a child have been met and they are immersed in a caring, nurturing, positive classroom and school-wide environment.

Programs we have in place to support your child include Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS), Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), and partnerships with community members to build self-awareness, empathy, and self-confidence. Our PBIS program focuses first and foremost on recognizing and reinforcing positive behavior in our classrooms. We teach and reinforce skills for being Responsible, Respectful and Caring. The emphasis is on the strengths and positive behaviors of our students. This is a tiered system of support meaning struggling students are provided with individualized supports. Other schools may focus on punishment and strict discipline. Although we know how to implement strict procedures when needed for safety, we also know there is a significant body of research indicating that a focus on positive behavior and addressing a student’s strengths produces much more positive results. We invite you to learn more about the system. Consistency between school and home allows both of us to support our children’s needs.

MTSS is a team-centered collaboration to meet needs of students who are not yet meeting the classroom expectations: academic, behavioral and/or emotional. The team includes the principal, social worker, school psychologist, reading and math interventionists, classroom teacher, parent or guardian and any other staff member who can provide insight based on student interactions and observations. This is also a tiered system of support for students not yet meeting expectations. The support may be a small group of individualized based on the needs of the child.

Partnerships with the community include Gabriel’s Angels, Yoga 4 the Classroom, Mindfulness, Playworks, and Caring Coalition. Gabriel’s Angels provide pet therapy in small group settings and include a literacy component. Yoga 4 the Classroom and Mindfulness teach our students calming and focusing strategies. Playworks focuses on inclusion during the recess periods. Structured play activities are taught to students incorporating fair play, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Caring Coalition provides nutritional and basic clothing supports to our families in need.

As new needs arise, we are mindful and protective of our community as we search for appropriate and effective resources.

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