Family Engagement

Families and parents are encouraged to contribute time and support to the preschool programs in both the classroom and at home. Here are a few suggestions for engagement:

Take time to talk :

-encourage asking and responding to questions

-help your child be aware of sounds in the environment

-use the five senses to stimulate conversation. For example – How does the tree sound, feel, smell, taste or look?

Take time to listen:

-encourage storytelling and retelling

-develop positive ways to react when your child is talking

-encourage your child to tell stories about a trip or experience

-respond attentively when your child is talking

Limit screen time:

-set limits and check for age appropriate shows

-encourage family discussion about shows

Visit the library:

-check out books to share

-read about subjects your child is interested in

-make reading a pleasurable time

Visit the school

-get involved with your child’s education

-encourage discussion at home about school – ask questions about their day, activities and friend.

-volunteer in your child’s classroom

-take advantage of opportunities to learn

Encourage play

– allow and encourage activities such as dress-up, puppetry,

play store and exploratory play

-give children opportunities to make choices about preferred activities

Enjoy your children!

-you are your child’s first and most important teacher – encourage your child to

develop, grow and become a happy person!