Family Responsibilities

Early Pick Up of Students

For your child’s safety, only those person you have been authorized will be allowed to pickup the student from the classroom. Please notify the teacher of any changes to the list of authorized persons.

For the safety and protection of students, no child will be allowed to be taken from the classroom before regular dismissal without the parent or authorized person coming to the office and signing for the child. ID of the authorized person will be checked.


If it becomes necessary to withdraw or transfer a child from school, the school office must be notified at least one week prior to the child’s last day. It is necessary for the parent to sign withdrawal/transfer forms for the child at the school office. You will need these forms to enroll your child into the new school.

If your child is absent for 10 consecutive days without an excuse, the Arizona State Law requires that the student be withdrawn from the school automatically.

Visiting Your Child’s School

Parents are encouraged to visit and volunteer at their children’s school. As required by Arizona State Law, please sign in at the office before visiting any classroom. Please sign out at the office before you leave the school.

Students Not Picked Up on Time

If your child is not picked up from the classroom at the scheduled dismissal time, the child will be taken to the school office. Parents or authorized persons will be contacted immediately. Continued late pick-ups will result in further action and possible dismissal from preschool.

If your child is not met at the bus stop, he/she will be returned to the school office. Parents or authorized persons will be contacted immediately to arrange for pick-up of the student at the school.

Notification of Changes: address, work location, medical, etc.

Please notify the school office and the classroom teacher of any changes to your home address, phone number, changes of work location or emergency contacts. Proof of new address will be required.

Notify the school nurse and the classroom teacher of any changes in your child’s medical record or any new medical problems that may occur.