Meet Officer Courtney Spiess, the Garfield Elementary School Resource Officer (SRO)

Officer Spiess is a very important member of the Garfield Elementary School Community. She serves as a law enforcement officer and a law related counselor. She also educates our students about the law and works hard to help us all develop into outstanding citizens.

His duties include:

  • Preventing juvenile delinquency through close contact with students and school personnel
  • Establishing a liaison with school principals, faculty and students
  • Informing students of their rights and responsibilities as lawful citizens
  • Acting as a liaison between students and social agencies
  • Acting as a liaison to the principal in the investigation of violations
  • Protecting the lives and property of the citizens and students
  • Developing emergency plans for the school campus
  • Counseling students
  • Ensuring a safe school and work environment for all students and staff.