Garfield’s Garden on the Corner Partners- The Mollen Foundation

a boy and girl planting seeds

Garfield’s Garden on the Corner Partners- The Mollen Foundation

The Mollen Foundation recently received the 2018 Farm to School grant. The Community Food Bank in Tucson also received the grant that will last up to 2 years.

With this award, the Mollen Foundation will be working to increase the availability of local, fresh produce into select Phoenix Elementary District #1 schools. The grant funds the work and expansion of the harvest of the month program. They will expand their current 6th-grade farm to school initiatives at Garfield Elementary School to include experiential, project-based integrated curriculum for 7th and 8th-grade students. This will help provide fresh produce to the local cafeteria.

Katie Poirier, the Execution Director says, “It is very exciting. We are grateful to the collaborative experience. It is encouraging to see this move forward.” 

Part of the grant Is going to expand to other schools in the district. It’ll provide the materials, technical support and training for other schools to implement.  This will help collaborate with the district food service and align and support the efforts to healthier lead lives.

Paige Mollen, the President & Co-Founder, also had to say, “They (the district) are very welcoming to work with. There is so much support & why we have gotten to where we are. They have really embraced this project.” 

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