Ana Alvarado

Ana Alvarado

What makes Herrera Special?

What makes Herrera special is the community it has built. It feels like a family once you are here. The staff, parents, and students all come together to support our arts, language, and academic excellence.

Grade/Subject: 1st grade dual language


Currently working on my M.A. Ed in elementary education at Arizona State University.

# of years in Education: 2 years

# of years at Herrera: 2 years


What brought you to teaching children:

Growing up, teachers were an immense impact on the way I perceived education. I wanted to continue sharing this meaningful impact in an equitable way where all students want to make an influence in their education, community, and society.

Favorite book, as an adult, and why:

I have too many favorite books, but Breaking Free would have to be one of my favorites. The author did an amazing job in her memoir of telling her account of her life experiences and overcoming all challenges she perceived.

Creative curriculum (something you do to personalize curriculum, annual project…): I try to implement hands on STEM or personalized creative activities for all subjects.