Edward Dennis

Edward Dennis

Mr. Dennis loves to draw and ride his bicycle when he’s not teaching.

What makes Herrera Special? I love the community at this school. Students are always helping each other and more than any other school sometimes they’re doing it in their native language.

Grade/Subject: Gifted

Education/Degrees/Institutions: Special Education/General Education from Arizona State University.

# of years in Education: 9

# of years at Herrera: 6

What brought you to teaching children: I had some great teachers as a child and they motivated me to work on my passions, I want to do that for other children.

Favorite book, as an adult, and why: My favorite book is an old comic book from the 60s because it reminds me of when I was a child. Every time I read it my creativity goes haywire.

Creative curriculum (something you do to personalize curriculum, annual project…): In previous years I’ve had students work on anything from developing websites, coding, using green screen tech and writing and publishing their own hard back books as an annual project. This year my students voted on “Urban Planning” which is creating a future version of Phoenix. I always strive to make my student’s learning different and unique by bringing in something very creative yet functional.