Jan Parsons

Jan Parsons

What makes Herrera Special?

Herrera is truly a ‘family’ school. We have generations of families attending Herrera, and, even staff members who have attended Herrera as children. This creates a genuinely celebratory community and one that responds lovingly in times of crisis or hardship as well.

Grade/Subject:  7/8 Math

Education/Degrees/Institutions: Golden West College, A.S. Accounting; University of Phoenix Bachelors in Science, Business Administration; University of Phoenix Masters in Education

# of years in Education: 20

# of years at Herrera: 8 years

What brought you to teaching children:  This is a second career choice for me. I spent about 25 years in business administration and accounting prior to this. I found that I have always been drawn to education (both adults and children). I have taught writing to adults and for many years taught at a theological seminary here in Phoenix, again with adults. After many years in Business Administration, I felt a calling to enter education full time.  I like the idea of blending my experience and skill in finance and accounting with my teaching. Mathematics is a perfect fit. I like that I am able to demonstrate how math is an important skill that is used in many different career paths.

Favorite book, as an adult, and why:    The Sabbath – Abraham Joshua Heschel

This short work of non-fiction captures the essence of the meaning behind having a day of rest, of disconnecting from the stress and manic hustle of our weekly lives, and celebrates entering into a period of time set aside for contemplation, prayer, family, and reconnection with our spiritual self and Source.

Creative curriculum (something you do to personalize curriculum, annual project…):

My favorite area in mathematics in high school was geometry and that has stuck with me over the years.  I enjoy blending elements of art and math in one of my 8th grade projects: combining the visual appeal of symmetry with the algebraic based component of a function or rule that creates the reflection of an algebraic design of a student’s name into the 4 quadrants on a coordinate grid.