Keenia Shinagawa

Keenia Shinagawa

What makes Herrera Special?

At Herrera, we do not only work and learn together, but we grow together! We support each other. We spend every day with each other caring about our spirits, bodies, and minds. We are a familia!

Grade/Subject: 5th-8th Grade- Special Education


Middlebury College- Bachelors of Philosophy

Arizona State University- Masters of Special Education (Exp. 2020)

Middlebury College Language Schools- Masters of Spanish (Exp. 2023)

# of years in Education: 3

# of years at Herrera: 2

What brought you to teaching children:

Growing up in West Phoenix and then in South Tucson, I saw many of my peers drop out of high school. I knew that everything we do every day is worth something, so I want to encourage my students to stay in school and succeed! I want to help bring educational opportunities in liberal arts to students in our community so they can break chains and have their curiosity flourish!

Favorite book, as an adult, and why:

I love the Hunger Games for its depiction of our dystopian society and connections to the Latin phrase: PANEM ET CIRCUS.

Creative curriculum (something you do to personalize curriculum, annual project…):

Focusing on the pollution and sustainable ideas and projects that affect the greater Phoenix community.