Kennia Hernandez

Kennia Hernandez

What makes Herrera Special?  I think the most special thing about Herrera is that every child can experience 6 different art programs for free without a tuition or having to audition. Herrera is a public school that offers many opportunities for students to flourish in an art form that most interests them.

Grade/Subject: K-8 Dance Teacher


Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education

Grand Canyon University (2015)

# of years in Education: 4

# of years at Herrera: 4

What brought you to teaching children:

As a young girl, I had a big passion for dance but lived in the West side of Phoenix where there weren’t any studios close by. Therefore, I had to rely in the public school system to be able to pursue my passion for dancing. When I heard of this school that offered dance for grades K-8, I was intrigued because it is very unique for an elementary school to offer multiple performing arts. I wanted to give back to the community that I grew up in and be able to do for my students what I wish I had growing up attending public schools.

Favorite book, as an adult, and why:

The Power of a Teacher by Adam Saenz because the author’s story of growing up in the public school system and dealing with multiple difficulties, and learning how he was able to overcome every obstacle is very inspiring!