Dual Language

Welcome to Herrera School’s Dual Language Program 

Herrera School provides the families in our community an opportunity to participate in a 50/50, Two-way Spanish Language Immersion Program. 50% of instruction is provided in the partner language (e.g. Spanish) and 50% in English at all elementary grade levels to all students in the program. Instruction is delivered in one language at a time without translation. Because language is transferable, once students learn a concept or skill in one language that knowledge is transferred to the second language without requiring reteaching. All of the content ares including – English Language Acquisition, Math, Science, and Social Studies, are taught in both the partner language and English over the course of the program. What makes the 50/50 program unique is the make–up of the class. We strive to have 50% of the students enrolled in each class are English speakers while the other 50% are Spanish speakers. This facilitates the learning of language because students serve as models for each other. We follow the College-and-Career Readiness Standards for daily instruction. District curriculum is available in both Spanish and English in math, language arts, and science. 

Dual Language Mission/Vision 

The Herrera Dual Language Programs is “Learning to embrace diversity” by becoming bilingual, bi-literate and bi-cultural global citizens.  

Global citizens 

To become global citizens we will embrace diverse cultural practices by accepting, respecting, and honoring the similarities and differences of self and others through community service.  


Active participants in a reciprocal conversation in two languages (verbal/non-verbal). 

Bics: basic interpersonal communication skills 


The ability to read/write/speak academically within the developmental stages of lang. acquisition.  

Bics: basic interpersonal communication skills 

Calp:cognitive academic language proficiency 


Awareness/acceptance/respect of others belief systems….. blending of home culture with school culture (values), being able to navigate in different environments.  

“Learning to embrace diversity” 

Benefits of learning another language: 

THE BENEFITS OF A BILINGUAL BRAIN – Mia Nacamulli (Youtube video)