Positive Behavior

We believe that the Herrera Community learns, practices and believes in three overarching principles that guide our daily interactions together. They are our  PANTHER PROMISES:

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Uphold a Safe Community


The Herrera community holds the belief that with these common expectations, we will grow together as a community. We provide (see chart below) a reference for positive behaviors expected in ALL areas of the school by all school community members. By following and recognizing the expected positive behaviors, it helps us to provide a positive, safe learning environment for our students, staff and community

Our goal is to increase time on learning in every classroom and for every student. The Panther Promises were agreed upon based on the Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) framework. This program focuses on recognizing and reinforcing positive behavior in our classrooms. We emphasize the strengths and positive behaviors of our students. While some schools may focus primarily on punishment and strict discipline, and we know how to implement strict procedures when needed for safety, we also know there is a significant body of research indicating that a focus on positive behavior and addressing a student’s strengths produces much more positive results. We like to say – Herrera is a Positive Behavior School! We hope you share this philosophy and invite you to learn more and become involved in our approach.

Our teachers and staff are trained to implement and recognize our PANTHER PROMISES. As a result, we have consistent implementation and integration throughout our school. We encourage you to join us as we focus on the PANTHER PROMISES that encourage and expect positive behaviors and build upon strengths of our students. Learn more at PBISaz.org.

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