Lowell Lego Robotics Club Needs Your Tax Credit Donations

lowell robotics club

Lowell School’s Lego Robotics Club gives students the opportunity to build and code behavior in Lego Robots. Twice a week, students work directly with the robots to learn how to write code that makes the robots perform various tasks. This is all in preparation for various competitions, including the state competition. During this competition, students are given a task that the robot must complete. They do this by correctly writing code that instructs the robot to complete the task. They then must complete a written and oral portion describing how they built their robot and how they coded it. In order for Lowell students to continue competing in local and statewide events, they need your tax credit donations for transportation, competition materials, equipment, and much more! Help Lowell compete in years to come!


The goal of this club is to expose students to science and coding while showing them the importance of teamwork and written and oral skills.

Value to Students

Teachers use a “hands off” approach with this club so students are able to develop critical thinking skills. Fostering a higher level of thinking allows students to confidently handle the stress that comes with competing.

How to Donate
Please consider making a tax credit donation today! You can donate at Lowell’s front office or online at http://phxschools.org/district/tax-credit/
1. On the right-hand side of the page click “donate online”
2. Click the “tax credit donation” box
3. Select the school you would like to donate to (Note: select the school with current tax year)
4. Under Program select which program you would like to donate to. (Note: if you would like to donate to a specific club, select “other” and write the club name in the text box)
5. Write in the amount you want to donate
6. Repeat steps 3-5 if you would like to donate to multiple clubs or schools
7. Click “Continue” and follow directions to enter personal information

Don’t understand AZ Tax Credits? Not a problem. We have a quick little video at the link that explains the opportunity.