Principal Letter

Welcome from Mr. Tyson Kelly

It is my pleasure to be the principal of Lowell Elementary School. When I began this job in the summer of 2012, everyone in Phoenix Elementary School District would tell me about their connection to Lowell and what the school meant to them. And, one of the first experiences I had with an enrolling kindergarten student was the parents’ excitement that their son would be able to attend Lowell where they once attended with fond memories of their education. These early experiences inspire me to continue the tradition of excellence established by my predecessors.

This tradition of excellence begins with the schools commitment to being the Math, Science and Technology Signature School for Phoenix Elementary School District. Having been a product of a well-rounded education starting at Saint Francis Xavier, continuing at Brophy College Preparatory, and then completing degrees at the University of Arizona and Arizona State University, I believe that Math, Science and Technology are enhanced by an individual’s creative side through music, band, chorus, physical education and the arts. Moving forward, Lowell Elementary School will become the premier school in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math). The staff is on board with this mission as we ensure all students are well-rounded individuals prepared for the next level of their education.

In order to receive these results, Lowell will continue to work with the parents and community. Parents and the community are instrumental in developing a child. Schools cannot educate children by themselves. We must rely on your talents and experiences to build a solid foundation. Parents can get involved by contacting our Community Worker to set up times to volunteering in the classrooms, help prepare community events, and participate in our Parent Teacher Organization. Your talents are respected and needed by the Lowell Community to raise the next generation of educated citizens.

I look forward to partnering with you as we educate the children of Lowell!

Mr. Tyson Kelly
Principal, Lowell School