Lowell 4H

Ms. Veronica Cons leads our 4-H program. She was involved in 4-H herself as a young child and took on several leadership roles including working as an advocate to have the bathrooms at the her school redone to allow for easier access for the students with disabilities. Her actions set her on the path to becoming the great social worker she is today at Lowell School.

Ms. Cons came to Lowell School during the 2016-17 school year with the goal of being able to work more closely with students to help them with their social and emotional needs. With 4-H always being close to her heart, she began the process to establish Lowell School as the only current chartered 4-H school in Maricopa County. As a chartered school through 4-H, she knew that it would open opportunities for the students of Lowell to express themselves through multiple mediums, help students create a stronger sense of empathy for the world around them, and provide opportunities after high school as 4-H alumni to apply for college scholarships.

In order for this program to be the success it has been, Ms. Cons enlisted the support of several staff members to bring their talents to help students, and she worked with Chicanos Por La Causa to secure some initial funding. The students need to be able to produce a quality product and to speak to a judge about how their entry was produced. Lowell students have had entries in sewing, cake decorating, cupcake decorating, pottery and photography.

Our students receive many ribbons for their great work and appreciate Ms. Cons and all the staff members who help support this amazing program.