Lowell FC

The mission of Lowell FC is to provide children in the Phoenix Elementary School District with a soccer program that will develop individual soccer skills as well as a strong sense of teamwork and character.

The vision of Lowell FC is to create a recreational kindergarten through fifth grade soccer program, and a recreational, traveling sixth through eighth grade program that will enable players to have the necessarily skills to be competitive in high school.

During the 2012-13 school year, it was apparent to many that Lowell was a school that had a passion for soccer.  In the previous year, the physical education coach and district welder create goals in order to separate the larger soccer field into smaller fields to allow more student the opportunity to play throughout the day.  Then, during the Phoenix Elementary School District’s short six week soccer season for 7th and 8th grade students, there was a request from children, parents and the community to create a K-8 soccer program for Lowell students; however, the current design for Lowell FC will expand beyond Lowell school to include interested students from Dunbar and Garfield with the goal of allowing any student in the Phoenix Elementary School District the opportunity to play organized, recreational soccer.

Some students also might want to play more competitive, valley-wide soccer.  In order to meet these needs, the Madison Futbol Club has agreed to help individuals with scholarships to play on their competitive club team if they try-out and make the cut.  This is a great opportunity for individuals with a passion to compete at the highest levels in the valley.

Email lowellfutbol@gmail.com for information on registration, coaching opportunities, or interest in trying out for the Madison FC Club Teams.

Lowell FC News

Spring 2015

Lowell’s Co-Ed Competitive PESD Soccer Team achieves another perfect season and its third straight District Championship!

We appreciate the hard work of all the students involved in the season, and Coach Sagaste for his time and commitment to our children.

Karla Alvarado received the Girl’s Season MVP Award, and in the All-Star Game Edxon Antelo and Adrianna Valadez received the Boy’s and Girl’s MVP Awards for their performance in the West’s win over the East 3-1.

Fall 2014

Channel 5’s Surprise Squad teamed up with the Soccer Locker to provide gift cards to all Lowell FC players to buy some extra equipment for the soccer season.

We are very grateful for this donation to such a worthy cause!

Inaugural Season Logo

For this inaugural season of Lowell FC, the Lowell FC logo has been changed slightly to pay tribute to our long tradition of excellence in the community and to dedicate the season to a fallen member of our community.

Although Lowell FC was founded in 2013, Lowell School has been servicing children of the neighborhood since 1925.  Therefore, we put the original date the school opened to honor the almost 90 years of tradition that the school brings to the neighborhood.  Many return to Lowell years later with their children and grandchildren to ensure they receive the best education in a loving environment.

The scholar athletes will also be paying tribute to Mr. James Foley (teacher from 1996 -99) for his dedication to Lowell School and passion for reporting.  Several students of Mr. Foley have their children at Lowell because they believe in the Lowell teachers.  Mr. Foley instilled excellence in them, and they want the same for their children.  During his time at Lowell, he believed in pushing students to their highest potential while ensuring they could still be kids.  We believe Lowell FC will help push students academically while having an opportunity to enjoy soccer in a recreational environment.

Spring 2014

The Lowell Co-Ed Soccer Team won the 2014 Phoenix Elementary School District’s Soccer Season with a perfect record.

One World Futbol sponsored by Chevy

Lowell students participated in a Sunday Clinic sponsored by Chevrolet and Rush Soccer Club.  Students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade participated in a morning soccer clinic at Phoenix College the Sunday before the United States National Team played Mexico at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

The event was well attended and fun for all.

Thanks to Chevrolet, Rush Soccer Club and the Phoenix College Women’s team for a wonderful day of soccer!

AYSA’s Kickin’ It After School

The Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) also brought a six week soccer program to the students of Lowell in grades Kindergarten through 5th Grade during the 6-7-8 Grade Phoenix Elementary School District’s Soccer Season.

This program introduced many boys and girls to organized soccer and basic skills.  The program was made possible with the support of AYSA’s Technical Director Mr. Austin Daniels and Director of Community Relations Ms. Linda Corbett.  Sports Authority also donated soccer balls and equipment to Lowell School to ensure students would be able to participate in the weekly activities.

Fall 2013

X-Treme Apparel designed the Lowell FC Logo for the 2014 Soccer Season

Spring 2013

The Lowell Co-Ed Soccer Team won the 2013 Phoenix Elementary School District’s Soccer Championship with only one loss in the regular season!