PEER Club (After School)

PEER Club is an after-school program provided at no cost to students of working parents in Phoenix Elementary School District #1. PEER Club provides a safe, enriching and fun environment for our students beyond the classroom. It serves students after school until 6:00 PM.  PEER Club is also offered during the summer for seven weeks.

The programs and activities in PEER Club are designed to include sports, recreation, arts, music, culture and academics to develop “the whole child” even beyond the regular school day.

Cultural Camps and Thematic Programs at PEER Club are incredibly popular with the students and parents. Past thematic programs have included A Chinese Cultural Camp, Native American Cultural Camp, Marine Life Camp – Under the Sea, Put Your Wild on by Liberty Wildlife and Road Trip Along the Coasts.  These are just a few examples of our unique programs that provide lifetime memories for PEER Club students, as well as academic, social and emotional growth.

Fifth and sixth grade students in PEER Club have the opportunity to participate in the following sports camps:

  • The Hoopsters Club – Basketball
  • The Volley Club – Volleyball
  • The Young Sluggers Club – Slow Pitch
  • The Goal Getters Club – Soccer
  • The Gridiron Club – Football

Seventh and eighth grade students in PEER Club have the opportunity to participate in the following competitive sports programs:

  • Soccer
  • Slow Pitch
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Flag Football

Integrated into the sports program, are the tenets of character building that include trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

For more information regarding PEER Club, please check with your school office or call 602-523-5757.

Parents love PEER Club because they know their children are safe and happy. In fact, many parents report that their children enjoy it so much that they do not want to go home!

*PEER is an abbreviation of “Phoenix Elementary Enrichment Resources.”

Here’s what parents have to say about PEER.

“PEER is an awesome program and has an incredible leadership team. Curtis Johnson, who leads PEER and the athletic programs for the district, was actually a PEER student himself many years ago. He has grown the program significantly and turned it into a great opportunity for students. He knows what is needed due to his own experiences, and he hires only the best people to work with the students.I can trust the PEER leaders to take great care of my children, and I know my children feel safe in the program, too.

I am amazed by the different activities and opportunities the children can participate in, and they have great field trips, too, especially in the summer program.”

Cynthia Gandara

“PEER in Phoenix Elementary School District #1 is a big reason why I chose to enroll my child at the school. PEER is a safe and fun place for children beyond the normal school hours, during intersession and over the summer break.As a working parent, it is really important to know that my child is safe and that she is also enjoying herself.

The social interaction, dance, arts, academics and the various opportunities provided, give children lots of options to learn and grow.

I am thankful to have such a great free, afterschool program.”

Darci Martinez