Lowell School continues to improve the focus on STEaM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math.

Fifth and sixth grade students will be taking an introductory course into STEM concepts. Once a week, there elective will consist of basic concepts within engineering and begin looking at coding to prepare the students for the more advanced Lego MINDSTORMS EV3 robotics.

Seventh and eighth graders will have their choice of a STEaM elective, which will meet three times a week. The students will have their choice to participate in one of the following courses through out the year:

  • Bucket Drumming/Street Drumming – The students are learning how to create music using buckets.  The students will start the year by learning about different West African drums and styles, followed by Latin America sounds, and will end the year creating their own musical style using buckets.  Many percussion topics will be learned as the students travel the drumming world.
  • Lead Guitar – The Lead Guitar program is helping give students valuable instruction in classical guitar.  Many of the students participate both in the Lowell Band and guitar to grow their musical interests.  The students are instructed by the Lowell Band teacher along with a member of the Lead Guitar Staff.
  • Painting and Clay – Students can participate in the General Art program here at Lowell.  But, those students that want to learn more about the art of painting and sculpting using clay can take this course.  Students also analyze various work to see how other artists might influence their pieces.
  • First Lego League Robotics – The First LEGO League gives students at various grade levels the opportunity to build robots and compete in local competitions.  The students learn about coding to ensure their robot follows the proper routes and complete the given tasks.
  • Photography and Yearbook – Students will learn about digital photography, and then use those pictures to create the school year books.  This class also involves writing where the students will write captions and articles based off of pictures they take throughout the year.
  • Sports – To help us better compete in the district sports programs, the students will focus on learning the fundamentals of Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Softball during their STEaM Elective class time.