About Us

Student success is the only option at Magnet Traditional as students and parents commit through a parent and student agreement that ensures parent involvement and student focus on learning and completion of work and school assignments. And, Kids @ Hope is not just a program at Magnet Traditional School, it is a way of life and learning. Through this philosophy, students and teachers alike model good behavior, treat each other with respect and connect with each other. Student discipline is designed and delivered with the dignity of the student at the center of each action.

Student leadership opportunities are available at Magnet Traditional through such programs as National Junior Honor Society, Student Leadership Council, Builder’s Club and Student Council. Our Student Leadership Council works with Watkins Homeless and the City of Phoenix Clean-up Crew.

The academic focus at Magnet Traditional is on mastery of academic skills and concepts from kindergarten through grade eight. Reading, language, science and math are the primary focus of the traditional curriculum; however, Magnet Traditional students also have the benefit of art, music, physical education, band and library classes. Magnet Traditional is a back-to-basics approach to education that manages to succeed well beyond the basics. In addition, there is a free before and after school program for students of working parents.