Dual Language

Phoenix #1’s dual language program is hosted at Herrera School. The program provides our students an opportunity to participate in a 50/50, two-way Spanish Language Immersion Program. 50% of instruction is provided in the partner language (e.g. Spanish) and 50% in English at all elementary grade levels to all students in the program.

Instruction is delivered in one language at a time without translation. Because language is transferable, once students learn a concept or skill in one language that knowledge is transferred to the second language.

All of the content areas including – English Language Acquisition, Math, Science and Social Studies are taught in both the partner language and English.

The make-up of the class is unique because we strive for 50% of the students enrolled in each class to be native English speakers while the other 50% are Spanish speakers. This facilitates the learning of language as students serve as models for each other. We follow the College-and-Career Readiness Standards for daily instruction.