Family Engagement

We are Partners

Because we understand the importance of family engagement in a child’s education, we are committed to building strong partnerships with our families.  It leads to student success!

Each year we hold “Family Night” at our schools to share the high learning expectations that are set for all students.  Families meet with teachers to identify ways to support student learning and become aware of what children are expected to learn at each grade level.  Meetings are schedule throughout the year to continue discussing student performance and opportunities for growth.

Parent Engagement Liaisons work in our schools to provide:

  • A welcoming culture and climate where parents and families from every culture are respected, trusted and valued.
  • Open lines of communication to build effective and respectful relationships.
  • Shared goals for student learning.
  • A voice for families to engage in decision-making and oversight of the schools.

We recognize the power of families to make a difference in our schools and to drive student achievement. Therefore, we encourage you to be involved in your child’s school, to volunteer, to be a voice and to work with us to ensure all of our students achieve academic success!

To reach the Parent Engagement Liaison at your child’s school, please visit the staff list on the school website or call 602-257-3755.