Special Education Programs

Special Education–provides instruction and related services for students with disabilities. The district offers a full continuum of alternative placements and a variety of instructional programs for students. To the extent appropriate, students are placed in regular education classes and study the regular curriculum with support from special education staff. When a student’s needs are such that this is not appropriate, resource classes, self-contained classes and separate programs are available.

For information on Special Education in Arizona visit The Arizona Department of Education to view Traveling the Special Education Highway.

Special Education Focus Areas for 2011-2012

  1. Implement a Response to Intervention model district-wide to address the needs of all students with a particular emphasis on improving math and reading outcomes for students with disabilities as measured by biannual activity logs and state and district assessment results.
  2. Ensure full implementation of state and district assessments to pre-K through 8th grade students with and without disabilities as measured by state and district assessment results.
  3. Continue to improve collaborative partnerships between the Student Services Department and school sites, as measured by pre- and post-surveys by June 2012.
  4. Successfully complete 2011-12 Arizona Department of Education monitoring activities with compliance noted in the areas of timeliness with reviews and Least Restrictive Environment.

Special Education Facilitators

The Special Education Facilitator position is new to the Special Education district organization for the 2011/2012 school year. Teachers selected to embrace the facilitator role are able to effectively communicate with administrators, teachers, parents, and related services staff.

Governing Board Policy

To read the Phoenix Elementary School District’s Governing Board Policy for Special Education please visit http://www.azsba.org. Please note instructions on Arizona School Board Association website.

For more information please call the Director of Student Services, Ms. Diane Wray at 602-257-3805 or email.