We administered a survey to our families on May 21st and received 451 responses. Below are summary statements that informed our action teams’ recommendations:


  • Our families are feeling thankful, scared, stressed and many emotions. Very few felt relieved.
  • Our families are feeling financial stress and the stress of having family members who are essential workers.
  • Our families were challenged during the spring campus closures because of lack of childcare, trying to take care of everyone and keeping children learning.
  • Our families would like to see more structure and communication with teachers when it comes to online learning.
  • Our families answered “somewhat to yes” when asked if they were able to keep their children learning.
  • Our families are concerned about the following when it comes to returning to school:  social distancing, classrooms being large enough to social distance, clean schools and who will bring the virus into the schools.
  • Our families are struggling with how to decide if they will return their children to a campus.  Many just don’t know yet unless there is a vaccine.  Others said they have no choice or that they will wait to see the plans.
  • Our families said they just don’t know if COVID-19 will be behind us on August 6th to send their children back to school. 16% said yes they would return their children to school. 40% said no they would not. 44% said they did not know.
  • When asked what else they wanted to tell us, several of our families said they were looking for alternative options such as a hybrid or digital option.