Frequently Asked Enrollment Questions

Q. Is there space available?
Generally, placement is done from a wait list based on availability for each age. By and large, the 3 year old age has the most openings.
Q. Do you have a waiting list? How long is it?
Yes, we typically do have a waiting list so it is important to plan early. In general, the school prefers to admit children at age three. Older students will be considered on an individual basis as space allows with preference given to students with previous Montessori experience. The school also takes into consideration indications that the Montessori experience is the best method of instruction for the family and the student.
Q. May I come and visit?
Absolutely. Prospective parents are invited to attend an information meeting which includes a campus tour and classroom observation. Meetings are held in January.
Q. Where are you located?
Shaw Montessori is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona at 123 North 13th Street
Q. What is the tuition?
Shaw Montessori is part of Phoenix Elementary District #1 and offers a free public Montessori education.
Q. How many children can be in a class?
Primary classrooms have 26 children with 2 adults – the teacher and an instructional assistant. Currently the class size for elementary school classrooms is 32 students with 2 adults. The Middle School program has up to 50 adolescents with 2 teachers and 1 instructional assistant.
Q. Can my child come three days a week?
In our community, children do best with a regular schedule that they can predict. Therefore, all of our programs are 5-day programs. Pre-school students (3 and 4 year olds) dismiss mid-day; Kindergarten through 8th grade have a full day schedule.
Q. Do you have a kindergarten program?
Yes. Kindergarten is the vitally important third and final year of the Primary program.
Q. How hard is it to transition a child from Montessori to a traditional school program?
Our children do best remaining in the Montessori program through middle school. However, the characteristics and skills that your children develop in a Montessori community will stay with them for life and will carry them into a new environment with strength of character and confidence.

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