Strategic Plan 2025 Logo
Graphic of pyramid with Policies and mission at bottom, then Equity, then Organizational and Professional Development pointing to Student Achievement.

2025 Strategic Plan Goals:

  • We will ensure every student we serve is achieving academic success.
  • We will engage every student in a rigorous, relevant, research-based learning environment led by well-trained staff.
  • We will ensure student enrollment is at capacity in effective and attractive Signature and Neighborhood Schools accessible to all.
  • We will ensure that we systemically address sustainable, equitable access and success for every student.
  • We will ensure that our students are at the heart of every decision made.
  • We will ensure that families, community members, staff and partners are engaged and highly satisfied with our actions and results.
  • We will hire, retain and develop highly motivated and effective staff.

Student Success

District-wide Curriculum Guide & Map – includes implementation & management plan, instructional tools and aligned professional development.

Develop & Implement District-wide:

  • Comprehensive system supporting effective delivery of curriculum that clearly defines expectations for instructional planning, classroom based approaches, monitoring and professional development and results in engaging, challenging and effective instruction.
  • Curriculum management system aligning high quality content and rigor with assessments.
  • Formal student assessment plan aligning written, taught and tested curriculum to guide instructional planning.
  • Coordinated planning linking curriculum management, professional development, student assessment, program evaluation and budget development.
  • Formal assessment plan and procedures ensuring reliable data is used for decision-making, program selection, intervention and planning; as well clear expectations aligning curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Curriculum Management Plan Overview

Student raising her hand
Graphic depicting the difference between Equity and Equality. With equality, every student gets the same bike no matter what their need. With Equity, every student gets a bike according to their need.

Educational Equity

Monitoring & Supporting Equity

  • Establish a district-wide system monitoring and supporting equity for each and every student ensuring areas of greatest need receive commensurate financial and human resource support.
  • Effectively and equitably communicate with each and every family.

Direction & Policy

Governing Board Policies & Direction to Staff

  • Establish district-wide expectations and direction through new and updatedboard policies to:
  • Establish system-wide direction through updated and new board policies and administrative regulations to support systemic quality control of the educational program and systems operations.
  • Define expectations for technology usage in classrooms providing professional development effectively aligned with learning to enhance student learning and staff productivity.
  • Develop and implement policies standardizing programs, interventions and evaluations specifically linked to student achievement.
Photo of a girl reading a book and laughing
Photo of teachers collaborating

Organizational Development

District-wide Organizational Chart, Job Descriptions & Budgeting

  • Update job descriptions and organizational charts establishing clear lines of responsibilities.
  • Design and implement a curriculum-driven budget linking resources to instructional priorities.
  • Update long-range facility plan connecting educational goals for students with facility plan.