Before and After School


four students at PEER

PEER (Phoenix Elementary Enrichment Resources) is a before and after school program provided at no cost to students of working parents enrolled in Phoenix Elementary School District #1. PEER provides a safe, enriching and fun environment for our students beyond the classroom. It serves students between the hours of 6:30 or 7:00 am and 6:00 pm (before and after school based on the bell times at each school). PEER is also open during spring and fall breaks and during the summer months. In fact, the only times that PEER is not available to students is during the winter break and approximately eight days in the summer.

The programs and activities in PEER are designed to include sports, recreation, arts, music, culture and academics to develop “the whole child” even beyond the regular school day, during fall/spring breaks and during the summer months.

Cultural Camps and Thematic Programs at PEER are incredibly popular with the students and parents. During the week of fall and spring break or the summer program, when school is not in session, PEER students have a very unique opportunity to participate in special programs. Examples of programs offered each year include:

  • Chinese Cultural Camp
  • Architecture and Fashion Design
  • Under the Sea Camp
  • Builders Club
  • Traveling Through the Decades
  • The Wonders of the World

For more information regarding PEER, please check with your school office or call 602-523-5757