Bullying Prevention

What Role Can You Play

Bullying Prevention is an important topic at Phoenix Elementary School District #1. We work in numerous ways to prevent our students from bullying or being the victims of bullying. It is no easy task, and parents play an important role to prevent bullying.

Bullying is wide spread and is not something that is a normal part of growing up. It is more than just kids messing around, and it can lead to serious and lasting harm. Many agree that bullying typically involves an imbalance of power, an intent to cause harm and is repeated over and over by the same person or group of people. And, it is not limited to school age children. It happens on college campuses, in the workplace and beyond. Bullying occurs in schools, homes, offices, on the Internet, on the phone or through text messaging. It is often called cyberbullying when it occurs over the Internet or through the use of digital technologies or mobile phones.

What role can we each play to prevent and stop bullying? It is important for us to be good role models for our children and students. Children who bully are often experiencing problems or seeing others bully. Therefore, as good role models it is important to make sure we don’t engage in any interactions that even border on bullying, and it is important to communicate with our children on the topic, be aware of their online behaviors, develop and enforce rules about how to treat others, and be quick to take action if you see or experience bullying.

Thank you for your support as we all work together to prevent bullying. Included are a number of websites, documents and policy information to provide you in depth information on this important topic.