Early Childhood Programs

At Phoenix Elementary District #1, we offer a variety of preschool programs designed to meet each child’s individual needs within a curriculum that is culturally relevant. The programs are:

Montessori Augustus H. Shaw Montessori classrooms are comprised of 3-6 year olds. The Montessori Method is a child-centered approach for children, based on theories of child development originated by Italian educator Maria Montessori (1870-1952) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Montessori Method is characterized by an emphasis on self-directed activity on the part of the child and clinical observation on the part of the teacher. It stresses the importance of adapting the child’s learning environment to his or her developmental level, and of the role of physical activity in absorbing abstract concepts and practical skills. It is also characterized by the use of autodidactic (self-correcting) equipment for introduction and learning of various concepts.

District Program Our programs across the District are designed to meet each child’s individual needs within curriculum that is culturally relevant. Our program recognizes that readiness in children varies both within and among themselves. The focus is on the development of the whole child in a cognitively and effectively rich and responsive environment. Problem-solving and child-initiated activities are promoted through the use of developmentally appropriate practices.

Every child has the opportunity to participate in a variety of active learning experiences to foster cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth. Educational experiences for preschool students are based on the understanding that young children learn through socio-dramatic and constructive play. The preschool classroom will create an environment that promotes independence, fosters decision-making and encourages involvement of children and their families. Our District programs are located at: Bethune, Garfield, Herrera (Dual Language), Whittier, and Faith North Early Childhood Learning Center.

Head Start The Head Start Program is based on the premise that all children share certain needs and that children of low-income families, in particular, can benefit from a comprehensive developmental program to meet those needs. The Head Start approach believes:

  • A child can benefit from a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program to foster development. Because the family is the principal influence on the child’s development, the child’s family, as well as the community, must be involved in the program.

Our Head Start programs are located at Bethune, Capitol, Edison, Heard, and Lowell schools.

Preschool Child FindThe district offers Child Find screenings each month. Children as young as age 2 years 9 months may participate in hearing, vision and developmental screenings to determine if further evaluations are necessary. Eligible children identified with significant delays will be offered services through enrollment in either regular preschool or special education programs in the district at no cost to the parent/guardian. If you think your preschool-age child may have speech or other developmental delays, please call 602-257-3808 or 602-523-5964 to make an appointment for screening.

If your infant birth to 2 years 9 months of age appears to have developmental delays, please contact Arizona Early Intervention Programs (AzEIP) at (602) 253-1620 to learn about services available for younger children with disabilities.

For more information

Please contact your school or please contact the office of Garthanne de Ocampo at 602-523-5964 or e-mail.