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Greetings Families,

Today we entered the school building to learn that the AC system was not operating in approx. 90% of the building. A team of technicians gave this immediate attention but the climate inside the building was becoming warmer as the day went on.

As a proactive move for what the afternoon climate could bring, we began to contact families in Preschool-4th grade classrooms and invited them to pick up their children from school early.

Not all families were available to pick up their children; but the families that did, provided us the opportunity to help keep the students that remained on campus in a cool climate.

We learned a lot from this reunification process on how we can improve our systems to help this process become more efficient. This was not a crisis situation but gave our team authentic practice in this area.

I write this to you today as a Super Proud Principal for the way our families cooperated, our teachers collaborated and the students remained safe. At this time the AC has begun to operate correctly again. We anticipate tomorrow to be a super cool day as we return to business as usual with our efforts to lead Thinking and Learning activities for your children; our students.

Thank you,
Principal Anthony