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  • In 1929, 12th Street and Apache was considered the outskirts of the city and was a farming area. Ann Ott had to make her way through cotton plants to get to a s

  • Kenilworth opened its doors in 1920 and is the oldest continually operating elementary school in Phoenix. It survived the depression, World War II, Korea and Vi

  • Throughout the years, our curriculum has included music classes. Music is an extremely important subject for all children to learn and can lead to better brain

  • Many gifted students have passed through schools in the Phoenix #1 Elementary School District from state leaders, athletes, and artists. One of the most notable

  • Happy start of the winter break! We are happy to announce dates for upcoming celebrations around our 150th anniversary. Add them to your calendar and join in on

  • Students across the district are excited to celebrate the 150th anniversary of our district and wanted to come together for a special photo. Ten deserving stude

  • The district’s anniversary is not just a one-day celebration. Thanks to a group of dedicated staff and volunteers, our 150th anniversary will span the nex

  • We are excited to celebrate a huge milestone for Phoenix Elementary School District #1. It’s our 150th Anniversary! The very first class in our district w