Positive Behavior (PBIS)

Our core mission at Whittier is to ensure that every child receives a high-quality academic and social-emotional foundation so they are successful both in school and in life. Just as we teach academic skills to students, we believe we must also teach social and behavioral skills to our students in order for them to reach high levels of success. A positive, productive learning environment makes Whittier a school where teachers love teaching and students love learning.

Positive behavior begins with clear expectations. Through our Behavior Expectation Matrix, we outline the expected behavior for each area of the school. For example, in the classroom, in the cafeteria, in the bathroom, etc. We take time at the beginning of the school year to teach these expectations to students. When new students arrive throughout the year, they are also oriented to our school-wide expectations. Because our expectations are consistent school-wide, students have an easy transition as they move from one class to the next. This helps us maximize our learning time and increase student learning.

Once expectations are taught, we focus on positively reinforcing students when they meet these expectations. Positive reinforcement can take many forms: a smile, high five, handshake, positive call or email to parents, etc. As a school, we reinforce positive behavior through Wiley Bucks. Students can earn a Wiley Buck if they are caught doing something that shows Respect, Responsibility or Safety. Wiley Bucks can be spent at our school store to purchase a variety of items. Throughout the year, students can also be recognized on school announcements, the Principal’s Wall of Fame, the marquee, school website or even at a school assembly when they exemplify the Whittier expectations of Respect, Resposibility or Safety.

We believe this program helps insure a safe, caring, effective learning environment is provided for our students. Our teachers and staff are trained to implement the program. As a result, we have consistent implementation and integration throughout our school. We encourage you to join us as we focus on the positive behaviors and strengths of our students. Learn more at PBISaz.org.


See Whittier’s PBIS Video Here!