Fine Arts & Physical Education

Fine arts and physical education classes are an integral part of our curriculum at Whittier. Although many school districts have cut these programs, we believe in the education of the whole child and know that arts and physical education lead to a balanced curriculum for learning.

In regard to fine arts, there are several opportunities for students. K-6 students attend both art and music classes each week. Starting in 4th grade, students have the opportunity to also participate in instrumental music, choosing either band or orchestra. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to showcase their learning through a variety of programs and concerts.

In K-6, students attend physical education classes weekly. Students participate in both in-door and out-door activities depending on the sport in study as well as weather conditions. In addition, students participate in Playworks Class Game Time lessons every other week. See “Playworks” for additional information on this program.

In 7-8th grade, students participate in two electives at all points during the year. One of the two electives is year-long. Students have the chance to specialize in art, music, instrumental music, or physical education. Both student and teacher input are taken into account when assigning year-long electives. The second of the two electives is trimester-long. By rotating the second elective each trimester, students have the opportunity to be exposed to each of the electives we offer. This balance of specialization and exposure offers students the best of both worlds.

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