Whittier is proud to be a Playworks school! Through Playworks, students develop a variety of social, emotion, and physical skills.

Components of the Playworks program are as follows:

  • Full-Time Playworks Coach – Our Playworks coach is present during the school day, especially during the lunch and recess block.
  • Structured Recess – Zones are established during recess time so students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of physical activities including but not limited to soccer, hula hoop, tag, four square, etc. The Playworks coach circulates throughout recess to encourage students to get involved.
  • Class Game Time – This 30 minute lesson occurs every other week. Students, classroom teachers, and our Playworks coach are engaged together as they learn new games which will later be introduced to the recess block. By teaching the rules and expectations in a small setting, we increase the odds of inclusion during recess time.
  • Junior Coaches – Junior Coaches develops the leadership potential of our 5th grade students. Through an after-school program, students hone their skills in leadership and peer mediation. These students then serve as “junior coaches” for K-3rd grade students during lunch recess.
  • Sports Leagues – Playworks offers a variety of developmental leagues throughout the year for 4-5th grade students. These include volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

According to Playworks surveys, there are several benefits to the program:

  • A decrease in bullying
  • An improvement in overall school climate
  • A reduction in disciplinary incidents
  • More participation in academics
  • An increase in students’ abilities to focus on class activities

Be sure to ask your child what they love about Playworks!